In Memoriam: + John Stokovich

On Monday, October 17, 2022, the loving and faithful family, kumovi, and friends of John Stokovich gathered for his funeral at the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God Monastery – New Gracanica.  John passed away unexpectedly on October 5, 2022 at age 71. 

The monastery church was filled with friends who had known and worked with John in the world of Caregiving and those who had worked with him and his family on the many charitable and philanthropic efforts they championed in the diocese and abroad.  John and his family were benefactors of St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, New Gracanica Monastery in Third Lake, where they donated the iconostas, St. Basil of Ostrog Church in Mettawa-Lake Forest, the St. George Diocesan Charitable Fund responsible for helping hundreds of families and children, especially during the Balkan Crisis. John also served as a member of the Diocesan Council, as Diocesan Treasurer, Chairman of the Diocesan Athletic Board, and Treasurer of Serbian Brother’s Help.

His Grace, Vladika Longin, sang the Opelo gathered together with the reverend clergy representing many of the churches John helped and attended during his life. His Grace, Vladika Longin, delivered a heartfelt and consoling eulogy to John’s family and those gathered speaking not only as his archpastor but also his kum of many years. The faithful were reminded of the fleeting nature of this life and the need to prepare for our own departure with faith and love in Christ, the only one who raises us up to our true nature and personhood, and the only one through whom we are saved.

Fittingly, the faithful, choir and clergy processed through the breezeway of the monastery administration and camp building which John had benefited and loved in his lifetime.  He was laid to rest near his family in the first row of the cemetery close the monastery he always loved.

All those who loved John and knew him gathered for the traditional daca afterwards.  John is survived by his two sons, Matthew and John, brother Milan, dear friend and former wife Violet, sister-in-law Debra, nephew Nicholas, niece Alyssa, Aunt Marion Zelenovic and numerous cousins, kumovi and friends.  John’s oldest son Matthew thanked all those gathered on behalf of himself and his entire family.