2023 Pocket Calendars Are Available at Our New Gracanica Monastery Bookstore

If anyone want’s to order some for their church please feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call at (847) 223-5480.

They are $5 with 40% discount.

We may have forgotten the importance of the pocket calendar…

  • Aside from the fact that we can have this book literally in our pocket and look up the saints we celebrate each day of the year—asking them to pray for us that day or those days—the following are other awesome benefits:
  • The calendar reminds us that the upcoming year (like the one behind us) is the year of the LORD.
  • A portable iconostasis (icon of Christ and the Virgin Mary) can be opened wherever you are and set up as your icon corner when you travel.
  • The Creed, what we believe and stand for, is included.
  • A picture of our patriarch connects us to the Church to which we belong.  Through him we are connected to other patriarchs all the way to Jerusalem and therefore the ancient Christian faith.
  • A picture of our bishop reminds us who our pastor is. (The priest of a parish is there in the bishop’s name.)
  • The icons of saints are reminders of what we are called to be.
  • We can find the most recent information (even more current than on the internet) regarding each of the parishes and monasteries in our diocese.
  • The directory also provides info for the deans, bishop’s deputy, bishop’s secretary, and even the bishop.
  • We can plan ahead because a calendar for several years into the future includes major feast and fast days as well as unique and special events of our diocese.
  • We are reminded of specific virtues and vices of which we should be aware daily.
  • The Ten Commandments of the Old Testament and the two New Testament ones are included.
  • Epistle and Gospel readings for Sundays are provided.
  • Basic prayers are included.
  • Basic but important church rules for fasting and prayers/services are included.
  • A list of retired clergy is provided.
  • The calendar is bilingual: English & Serbian.
  • Information is offered about all the ministries of our diocese:  Christian Education, KSS, Youth Department, etc.
  • The 2023 pocket calendar has space on the first page for one to include basic personal information for identification in case of emergency.
  • The calendar even has space in the back for notes and names for prayers.