Canonical visit of bishop Longin to St. George Parish in Monroe, MI

On Sunday, October 24 on the feast Day of the Apostle Philip and the commemoration of the Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, the Congregation of the Church of Saint George of Monroe Michigan was delighted to have His Grace our Bishop LONGIN be with us in celebration of the Divine Hierarchal Liturgy.

His Grace that day presided over several special happenings within our church-family. At the beginning of the Liturgy His Grace completely surprised and elevated our truly dedicated reader Eric Stuart to the rank of Sub-deacon. The joy of his appointment further continued when during the small entrance parish Deacons, our strong right and left hands, Joseph Appling and Herman Web were elevated to the rank of Proto-deacons. To complete the special nature of the day; Milos Saravolatz upon the recommendation of His Grace Bishop LONGIN, was awarded the Medal of Saint Sava by His Holiness Patriarch PORFIRIJE along with the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

This special honor was a well-deserved recognition to a man who has dedicated his life not only to the Serbian Orthodox Church but also Orthodoxy and humanitarian efforts through America. Milos along with the support of his loving wife Anne has served in many functions throughout the years, from church board president and almost every office possible, from even to assisting in the altar to part time janitor. He also has the distinction of serving on the central Church Council, helping to establish and facilitate the current clergy pension plan along with being the only person to serve as diocesan Vice President of the Metropolinate of the Mid-West and the Diocese of New Gračanica and the Mid-West! His humanitarian accomplishments which are vast include his active participation in the I.O.C.C. and local aid organizations. He and his wife also provided for the beauty of God’s house by donating many beautiful mosaics and frescos; truly “Beauty will save the world.” The final surprise of the day was that of an Episcopal Gramata awarded at the banquet to our long time and faithful member Sam Kachar, who throughout his lifetime has been a stable of our church family. 

That Sunday, October 24, 2021, will be remembered as a day of thanks to the many who makeup our Church Family…may God grant them all many years!

Fr. Radomir Obsenica
Parish Priest, St. George Monroe, Michigan